The education system in Zambia is broken. The government schools are all over crowded, under resourced, and under staffed. Most do not have enough books for each child to have.

Primary school, from grade 1-7, has no school fees but the parents have to purchase uniforms, shoes, bags, and books. This is very difficult for most families in Zambia, especially in the villages we work in.

Secondary school is grade 8-12 and there are school fees ranging from $85-100 USD per year. They also have to get uniforms, shoes, bags, and books. This is very difficult for most families in the villages we work in.

There is no high school in the villages we work in. If the kids pass their grade 9 exams and qualify for high school, they have to go to the town of Mufulira which is 30 minutes by car or 2 hours on foot one way from Murundu (the village we work in). This is very difficult to arrange transportation daily or to find a place to stay. Some can stay with family or friends. Many of the orphans and vulnerable kids we are helping need help to rent a ‘servant’s quarter’ or hostel Monday- Friday in order to go to high school.

A large percentage of children in the village of Murundu are not attending school at all. Many children do not begin school until age 10 or not at all.  So, our partners, Enfys Foundation, founded by Joseph and Hilda Bwalya, wanted to help with this problem. With aid from other partners in the U.S. (Life Restoration Partnership International), they built Debbie Joy School for orphans and vulnerable kids. It has no school fees, the kids get donated uniforms, help with shoes, bags, books etc.  The school is from preschool, age 3, up to grade 7.  Each child gets a hot, healthy meal for lunch every day. They also get their health needs assessed and have potential to get sponsorships from the U.S. and European donors for secondary and higher education.

Needs:  Sponsor a child/young person’s education

Primary School- $75 (books, bag, uniforms, shoes, minimal school fees if there are any (each school is different and each grade is different)

Secondary School- $175 (school fees, books, bag, uniforms, and shoes)

Higher education degrees in Nursing, Medical care, or Teaching college – Ranges from $500-$1500/year for college. A lot less than college in U.S. and this can make a huge impact on a family and community!!

Debbie Joy School- building repairs, better plumbing and running water- showers/toilets, food (the goal is 2 meals per day), books, desks, preschool equipment, playground equipment,  or uniforms.

Sponsor a teacher (at the Debbie Joy School) – $100/month