How the Murundu Mission Hospital of Hope Developed

“When Jesus landed and saw a large crowd, he had compassion on them and healed their sick.” Matthew 4:14


1 in 7 children die before the age of 5

Mufulira, Zambia, has a population of 12,500 people, with approximately 12 physicians and three hospitals. There are two public hospitals and one private hospital where you can receive some (sub-par) medical care. The only problem is that you have to pay your medical bill up front. This is why the Murundu Mission Hospital of Hope, to be located in Mufulira, is needed so urgently. Our team of 8 members from Harmony Vineyard Church in Kansas City, Missouri toured a local hospital in Mufulira and it was like stepping back into time (primitive and basic). The group witnessed a man having an asthma attack lying on his back without oxygen, and hospital officials said they didn’t have a nebulizer machine in the hospital. When asked about an ambulance, they said that anyone who got injured was loaded up in a car, truck or in a wheelbarrow, and brought to the hospital. Operations are done with little or no anesthetic and no ventilators (just a bag and mask). In the capital city of Lusaka, one can find the only CT scanner in the country and more availability to healthcare. However, Lusaka is too far for the people to seek care.

50,000 people die each year of Malaria

15.6% of the population is infected with HIV/AIDS

In July 2010, a team of eight traveled to Mufulira, Zambia, to hold a two-day medical clinic, but the demand for care was so large that the clinic stretched into five days. The team treated about 500 patients with limited supplies, medication and resources. Some of the acute illness and disease that were treated included: headaches, ENT (ear, nose, and throat) infections, allergies, and a large number of parasitic and fungal infections, Other diseases included HIV, tuberculosis, malaria and lymphoma. The team attended to an acute case of tetanus, then sent the patient to the hospital. In addition, there were multiple cases of untreated chronic hypertension, diabetes, heart murmurs and other diseases. Many of these diseases are preventable with clean water, nutrition, immunizations and education.

Our mission with the Murundu Mission Hospital of Hope is to provide free health care and education to the community of Murundu, Zambia, in order to glorify our Lord and bring the good news and hope of Jesus Christ. Our goal is to send out medical teams and anyone else (medical or non-medical) once or twice a year. We are commanded to go into all nations and care for the poor and needy by feeding them, providing drink for them, showing kindness, compassion, love to strangers, clothing them, and offering care to the sick (Matthew 25;31-44).

Medical Missions is an excellent way to evangelize the lost!!


Our Vision

  1. Literacy Program Education on health topics and community development
  2. Nutrition – Water and sanitation, agriculture, chicken/egg project
  3. Health and Wellness – Prevention/immunization, medical clinic, women’s clinic, feeding program for high-risk children and mothers
  4. Evaluation – Accountability and self-sufficiency (We want Zambians to run the clinic)


2013 update

The health needs of the country of Zambia, africa remain enormous. We did clinic at the church in Mufulira. We treated all the church members, orphans, children, and opened it up to the community for 2 days. We had patients with untreated diabetes, untreated high blood pressure- 300/200, strokes, untreated hydrocephalous, woulds, burns on children, TB in the spinal cord causing paralysis, pneumonia in an infant, many gastric worms, malnutrition, and women with no prenatal care or vitamins. We also went to 2 nearby villages/compounds. We saw even sicker people there. Untreated fracture in  a 4 year old, severe malnutrition, severe feet wounds,and much  more. They would go to a local clinic and get no treatment, the pharmacies and clinics have very little supplies.   The health care needs for this community are huge, therefore All God’s Children Murundu Mission Hospital of Hope could make a big difference  in community health, reducing infectious diseases, decreasing infant and maternal mortality rates, and reduce the severity of malnutrition.

We have started a relationship with a physcial therapist and physician from Zambia who desire to partner with us and volunteer at the clinic 1 time a week when the  clinic gets officially registered.

With $78,000 the clinic can be permanently registered.

We unloaded the container donated from Samaritan’s Purse- it was a 40 ft container shipped from NC, USA. It was full of donated medical equipment for the clinic- Hygiene items, BP Cuffs, Scales, baby cribs, needle, operating room equipment. It was  12 page inventory.

There is now a vision of a hospital being built.

Our goal still remains for 2017 having the clinic up and running by a National Physician 2 days a week.

We Need Your Help

If you are interested in helping us with this ground breaking ministry click on the  “How to help page”.  Go, Pray, Give


“The body is a unit, though it is made up of many parts and though all it’s parts are many they form one body. So it is with Christ.” 1 Corinthians 12:12