An estimated 1.6 million orphans live in Zambia, and due to the AIDS epidemic, more children are orphaned daily. James 1:27 says “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.”


Sponsors for Orphans


Suggested support is $25 per month, minimum. This provides food and laundry detergent. It does not include school fees, clothing, health care or school supplies. Their staple diet is nshima (corn meal mush). This is offered three times a day, if available. Occasionally, children get a few vegetables, grown on Benson’s farm. Orphans live in Mufulira, Zambia, where Bishop Benson oversees their care. They are single or double orphans living in the community, not in an orphanage. In Africa, the orphans are cared for by family members, such as grandmothers, older sisters or uncles. There is no government welfare agency, nor food stamps, and unemployment is around 85%. Currently, we are working with a group of 70 children, 61 of whom are sponsored. This is a project a family could take on (instead of giving each other Christmas presents), or a project could be sponsored by a Sunday school class or a whole church. Normally we ask for a one-year commitment, but most people continue to sponsor their child through the age of 18. You will be given a picture of the orphan you sponsor, and you can write to them. You can sponsor on a monthly basis or send in $300 for the whole year. A list of orphans is available upon request: info@allgodschildrenkc.org

2013 Update:

Orphans: The majority of the sponsored orphans were interviewed, given a health screening, fed, given gifts, and prayed with. The sponsored orphans were clean, healthy, and looked better than the community children.

Needs: Many of the children were still sleeping on the ground with no mattress. The older orphans were more fearful of what would happen once sponsorship was cut off. Orphans aged 18-22 are very vulnerable in this country due to unemployment that is at 80%. Many of the orphans prayer request was to finish school. We interviewed 10 new unsponsored orphans that we added to our list.

Pastors: We saw many in need of sponsorship. When you pastor to people in extreme poverty, living on $1 a day, they are unable to support the pastor and church. Sponsoring a pastor would help spread the gospel in Zambia.


Sponsors for Widows

Suggested support is $25 minimum per month, minimum. They broke my heart.  They came in bent, and weak.  They came in last, almost as an “after-thought.” I wasn’t sure what I was to do. I gave one 20,000 kwacha (about $4 us), she got her knees…to thank me…never, have I been so humbled in my life…They have no means of income, many of them care for their grandchildren; we can help them survive. $25 a month, or more can help them buy basic food, and maybe a little detergent to wash their clothes.