Jesus said…”to love your neighbor as yourself, to show mercy, to care for the orphans and the widow…”


The projects and labor on the land rely on support from individuals, businesses, churches, foundations and organizations. Missionaries raise their own support and are not funded by All God’s Children, unless donations are designated for that purpose.

Ways to Give:

…All donations are tax deductible.

    • Mail Checks to:

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      PO Box 901945
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      All needs can be donated to as a “One Time” or “Monthly” Donations.

Below is a list of the different needs you can donate to.



The many needs and necessities that create the undergirding framework to support all of the ministries.


Building the Murundu Mission Hospital of Hope & Medical Care

Constructing and equipping the Hospital, also for the severe cases of life or death; providing transportation from our clinic to the capital city, Lusaka for further assistance at the hospital.

To learn more about this need CLICK HERE.

Church Ministry

Construct, equip & support ministries to the church.


This is a “Monthly Donation”. To learn more about and see those you can sponsor CLICK HERE!


Missionary Support:

CLICK HERE to support our Zambia Missionaries.