To serve people in this world with compassion in order to bring hope and healing through a relationship to Jesus.

Mission statement:

Our mission is to provide spiritual and physical aid through healthcare, family/orphan/widow care, education, discipleship, and sustainability in Africa and beyond, in order to glorify our Lord and bring the hope of Jesus to them.


Bringing hope to the vulnerable

What We Do:

We help raise awareness and finances to ease the poverty in Africa, both spiritually and physically. We speak up for the needy and oppressed to bring spiritual, educational, emotional and physical support. We support and pray for All God’s Children-Zambia, missionaries in various countries and multiple churches in India. We promote sustainability of local ministries within their communities.

By doing fundraisers and grants; educating people on God’s Word and basic principles of good health; providing healthcare and hope to impoverished and deprived people; and encouraging mission teams and medical teams to come and use their gifts, talents and skills to minister and provide healthcare to the people of Zambia and beyond.

So that God will be glorified, others will come to know the love of God, the Murundu Mission Hospital of Hope can operate, All God’s Children-Zambia can minister unhindered, the churches in India will grow in spiritual strength and number, poverty will decrease- spiritually and physically, families will be empowered in third world countries, national and foreign missionaries are supported.