UPDATE: Missionaries Gary & Rachel Chaney

Hello Supporters!! (Sorry  if you already received this- my email is acting weird)

We just got hooked up to wifi at our house!!  Mulishani (How are you? in Bemba the local language) We are doing well. Getting settled into our new life in Zambia. Some of you may have gotten update emails from my mom or on my mom’s Facebook. Those of you who haven’t got any updates we apologize. It took us 2 weeks to get wifi. The short term team was here for 10 day and we worked very long hard hours and it was difficult to communicate effectively. But now we are connected and will keep you updated regularly.Sorry this first email is so long. We will be sending out a larger newletter with pictures soon!
First, we want to Thank Everyone for your support. The prayers are being felt and received. The financial support is sustaining us. We couldn’t have come this far without each one of you.Again THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS.
Updates:  Short Term Mission Team Highlights:
– 6 medical clinics
– The eye clinics- Barbara and Randy Kenyon and David Warnick worked with Kennedy a young man from the church and others. They were able to give out hundreds of glasses. Many were the exact fit the first time they tried them on. Many people were blessed to see to read and for long distance.
– VBS in Minambe- the poorest nearby village.We did the class rooms and taught about God’s Power.  room 1- Teri Shubert and Rachel taught about God has the power to heal- story of Naman/leprosy, puppet show, prayers, and magic markers erased spots after dipping 7 times. Room 2- Danielle Bishop- story time about how God has the power to comfort- hands on story time. Room 3 Randy and Barbara Kenyon- God has the power to forgive- salvation message- made salvation bracelets. Classrooms were packed 40-80 kids. The kids kept comig from the village. By the end we had 350 kids. Ending- Rachel- God has the power to let us have eternal life- read a book on Heaven, The kids listened intently and all prayed the salvation prayer. It was a special and amazing time. By the end we had a huge circle of kids waiting for apples. We handed out over 350 apple pieces. We had some extra the kids were so hungry they fought over them like a pack of wolves- literal! They were so hungry. My heart was broken again for this hungry village.
– Sport/bible camp in Murundu- Over 100 kids. We taught on 2 biblical principles- 1. Endurance to finish the race to Heaven- relay races and running exercises.
2. Team work- discussed the many gifts have given every person, and the body of the church working together with all the parts. Taught the kids baseball- most had never played or held a bat. But, some of the kids were amazing at hitting and fielding the ball. It was a blast to see gifts come out of these children.  Lots of laughter and joy!! Pastor Joseph and his wife Hilda played with us.
Leah also showed some gymnastic and dance moves to the girls.
– Every morning Gary made breakfast for all 14 of us!! Eggs, pancakes, sausage. Then he would lead us in 1-2 songs of worship and devotion time. It was a sweet time with the team. Every one shared how their faith is getting stretched, how they have seen God at work daily, and their highlight moments of the day.
– Every team member being transformed from the inside out by God’s grace and the humbling experience of being around a literal starving people who hunger for God more than you can ever imagine.
– Getting to know our new daughter- Melinda- 17 yo. She was blessing to everyone on the team.
-Prayer walking around the land we purchased and through the village of Murundu.
– And so much more!!!! Go listen to the team share their testimonies and Stories on Wed. Sept. 2nd at harmony Vineyard church- 7pm.
Ministry: Helping a double orphan “Dinah” from Murundu. Getting them sponsored by All God’s Children- visiting their home, praying with them. There dad died months ago in an accident and the mother died of Malaria about 6 months ago. Leaving Dinah a 12 y/o in charge of 4 younger siblings including a 3 month old. She takes care of the children well. Pastor Joseph  and Hilda stepped in months ago to help her- they have paid an elderly lady at their church to watch the children. They all attend Debbie Joy school at Josephs place which is a primary school set up for orphans!!  SHe attends school with the 9 month old papoosed to her back.
– Rachel preaching at a women’s conference-  Judging others- Adulterous woman, Encouraging others- Speaking life to others. 1 Thes 5:11. It was an amazing time of the holy spirit ministering to these women from all over Zambia, Zimbabwe, and the Congo. They were truths God revealed to them to break down cultural strongholds. ALl the women at the conference were in tears including me- speaking words of life to everyone.
Gary preaching at church in Murundu- Preached on hope and Grace
God has been reavealing to Gary and I many messages for the churches here. Many cultural practices that are going against biblical principles.
-fed kids during vbs and sports day.
– mattresses distributed to several needy families
-Praying for Richard a 3yo with cerbal Palsy from Josephs church- He has the best momma here in Zambia!! He needs new brace for his legs.
Mission – Outreach clinic time- evangelized and offered prayers to all. Teri Shubert prayed with 100’s of people.  Out reach clinic in downtown Mufulira- not through a church a more secular crowd.again evangelizing, showing the love of Jesus, and offering prayer to all.  Gary, Randy, and Jason walked lat at night to the topshops for water etc.. and had 2 encoutners with men needing God’s love and grace. Many drunks in this country in need of God’s love. Discipling Melinda our 17yo daughter- the gospel is coming more alive to her everyday- she was in need of forgiveness and grace. Her life has been very tough to say the least.Praying through the community in Murundu- the following Sunday after the team left 3 young people- teens came for the first time to Josephs church!!
Family- Luke and Leah had Zambia boot camp when the team was here. They were exhausted and cranky one minute and then having a lot of fun and full of joy the next. Now that the team has left we have slowed life down. They are making tons of new friends, skyping with gma and Heather at home, learning respect for the local children, learning to depend on God for our daily needs- including clean water and electricity, At moments, I want to rush them back home to their comfort zone- but at the end for the day I feel God’s presence with all of us and know this is the best thing for the children! Being in God’s will is amazing, but will stretch you to the furthest point imaginable. We are settled into the new house. It is large and spacious with a huge yard to play in. We asked Melinda to live with us and be a part of family permanently. She accepted and has moved in. She loves the kids and the kids love her. She has been a huge blessing and comfort. We will help Melinda return to school in September. We will start homeschool Sept 1st. Kids are looking forward to it. We get lots of visitors at our house- friends! We got the kids a puppy- Ginger Faith – she was a little wild Zambian puppy at first, but know she is a spoiled US dog, inside most of the time and lets the kids hold her all the time. Gary and I are doing well in our Marriage- could use a little alone time though. Language learning daily!
Praise: Provision, dependance on God, God’s goodness, changing us daily. revelation on God’s word. Purchasing the land. and so much more.
Project- clinic of Hope-  Purchased the land. The community is getting involved by helping us clear of the land and make a road to the land via Murundu. The land is out in the “bush” a way near some other farm land. It is a peaceful place. It is very centrally located around 6 needy villages that will be able to access it by foot. Gary had his first offficial meeting last night with Pastor Joseph and Dr. Muneka. They will make up the board for our NGO we will be starting soon, we will add more members as God reveals the right people to trust. Gary did bible study with the men, discussed the project, discussed our values and the purpose of the clinic to Glorify God, shared vision, mission, and ideas with one another. THe men got to know each other on a deeper level. They signed a committment paper for Gary that had our values etc.. and job description on it. Today Gary went to the bank to get an account open for ministry money. He also went to the land and the community had begun clearing the land. We bought tools for the community. Hoes, shovels, and slashers from the local blacksmith. We are trying to do this project at as low of cost as possible, but quaility. Gary is excited to go forward but overwhelmed by how much there is to do. We are going to talk to an architect – Josephs brother in law on Thursday, we will getting several bids from contractors as well. We got a bid amount for the well. We will talk with canned Water 4 kids, Greg Stromberg soon to begin digging the well!
Continued cultural adjustment for kids
Building plan= discernment for Gary
Balance of ministry, mission, and family life
wisdom to walk out the project- THe Clinic of Hope
Discernment for partnerships
Women ministry time- Fridays 4pm- Rachel
Homeschool starting
School for Melinda
bringing people of peace for us to disciple
Overwhelming needs here- God to bring the most vulnerable needs to our attention.
our marriage to stay strong and to find some alone time
for all of us to learn the local language quickly- Bemba
Thank you supporters you are part of our team and we couldn’t do this without you!!
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Have a blessed day. Please let us know if you have any prayer requests. Please email back with any encouraging words or scripture. Please feel free to forward this to anyone I forgot or anyone who be interested in our Mission.