The Moses Story


One Moment, One Decision

Where I live I do not stand out. I look like many other boys in my village especially my identical twin Joshua. I am just like any child from any part of the world. I like to play and get dirty. I am curious, drawn by new things. My curiosity one day changed my life. However, in ways I am very different from any children you know. You see, I live in a third world country.

I am Moses.
I am eight years old.
My mother died when I was not yet five.
I do not know who my father is.
I am an orphan.
I am an identical twin to Joshua.
My grandmother cares for us selling cassava and ground nuts.
Our family lives on an income of about $4 per month.
I have never been to school.
I am normal where I live.


One moment, one decision changed my life.

It was winter in Zambia, July of 2010 there were rumors the Americans were coming soon. I paid little attention to the murmurings until one day I saw them! Eight of them and they were all VERY big! They were running the program the church has called AWANA. I had heard others talk about this program before, they get to play games and sing and have fun.

My friends and I stood by and watched but I was drawn to them. It wasn’t long before I walked to the group, ignoring my friends’ calls to return. I joined in. They gave me paper to color as a craft project. I tucked that paper in my shirt so I could share it with Joshua. The next thing I knew, one of the missionaries and Pastor Miriam brought a brand new shirt for me. I had never had a brand new shirt. I was so excited, my shirt was torn nearly in half.

We played a silly game called Duck, Duck, Goose, it made us all laugh. They talked about a man named Jesus and I listened. Then they gave me something I had only dreamt of having because my family could never afford it. They gave us an apple and some cookies! I wanted to take my treasure home to share with Joshua, but they insisted I eat it and that there would be more tomorrow. So I came back the next day bringing Joshua. They did all the same wonderful things for Joshua as they had for me. Today they even gave us a whole bag of new clothes.

Since that time, Joshua and I have been adopted into the orphan program at Calvary Christian Church. My grandmother, my brother and I attend church, and are learning more about Jesus. We now have sponsors who send financial help each month to buy food and clothes. Joshua and I hope to attend school for the very first time soon. We are grateful for the help we now receive. Life has become a little better for us. I am Moses. One moment, one decision changed our lives.

One moment, one decision and you can change many lives.

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UPDATE: Moses and his twin brother, Joshua today after sponsorship