Family Support

[pl_blockquote cite=”1 Chr. 22: 7-10″]”Prepare the way for our children to find and fulfill God’s purpose.”

In Zambia, the average family lives on less than $2 per day. Zambians tend to have large families and live with extended family. So, they are taking care 5-10 people at one time. In the villages that we work, there is 80% unemployment. Medical and psychosocial problems are numerous: alcoholism, single mothers, teen pregnancy, prostitution, HiV/AIDS, sickness, disease, malnutrition, school absenteeism, high dropout rates in schools. This leads to spiritual, physical and emotional poverty in the true sense of the word. Poverty gives way to hopelessness, suicidal thoughts, abortion, and despair. The suffering can be palpable.

The people here are hardworking, intelligent, creative, and beautiful. With a little assistance, they can be given hope. AND HOPE CHANGES EVERYTHING! You can make a difference. You can be a messenger of hope.

How can you help?

  • We would like to start a program that assists families for small business opportunities, and training for all of our guardians of the orphans, vulnerable children and anyone interested.
  • LOVE
  • Purchase Supplies and teach a skill like tailoring school uniforms, cooking, wood work, etc.
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  • Disciple them
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  • Teach them business, farming God’s way.
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  • Counsel them on marriage or parenting issues
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With Jesus and Education, the cycle of Poverty can be changed!!

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