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January 2016


This team began with the plan of Gary and Kelly visiting the Chaneys in Zambia to encourage them with their endeavor of building a mission hospital. At take-off, the ‘team included Ben Stephan who planned to stay and help for one year (or so he thought) and Adam Stephan and his fiance, Emily; Adam…(Read More)

Nine of us joined the Chaneys as they followed the call of God and relocated their family from Kansas City, MO, to Mufulira, Zambia. With 31 very large suitcases filled with medical supplies, eyeglasses from the Lion’s Club, school supplies, handmade children’s clothes and games, we found people who were struggling not only…(Read More)

Our team of 15 had 3 Nurse Practitioners, 4 RNs, 1 Speech Therapist, an engineer, accountant, artist, salesman, a couple of IT guys and a high school student – which all morphed into doctors, pharmacists, optometrists, children’s pastors and all-around prayer warriors. We came with excitement to open a container of supplies and equipment…(Read More)

2010 was primarily a medical mission. The team included Leon and Vicki Cooper (Founder of All God’s Children), Gary and Rachel Chaney (whom God would call to move their family to Zambia 5 years later to oversee the building of the Murundu Mission Hospital of Hope), and four others from the Kansas City area…(Read More)